1920’s Hayes Gas Pump

1920’s Hayes Gas Pump



Polly gas pump design



Today are looking at a very unique original Hayes Gas Pump known as the Convertible
featuring an Original glass cylinder with numbers etched on front and back
side arm is used to fill cylinder
back lever is used to select the quantity desired.
included 2in. thick 10 ft. long new cloth hose
chrome plated 1in. threads
Entire pump has been completely restored. sanded down to bare metal then it was primer and sanded to a smooth finish,
then we painted it with automotive paint,and buffed to a high gloss.
and for the finishing touch we added the Polly gas logo
then it was accented in a fine pinstriped line.
paint sanded and topped with a clear coat
The Dim. are 24″x24″x10′

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