Gas Pumps

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This pump has been completely restored in Gilmore Blu-Green gas. It is rare because it’s a real Clockface Pump. All of the sheet metal is original. Comes with cloth hose.

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This pump was considered the ‘FINEST VISIBLE PUMP EVER DESIGNED.” The Wayne model 492 was hand operated by a 2-cylinder continuous action pump of new design, actuated by a handy lever instead of the usual crank.
From every viewpoint of beauty and utility, this pump is in a class of it’s own.

Wayne was the leader for 30 years in the production of filling station equipment. With their ability to produce the highest type of gasoline pumping equipment was evident with this model. They established new standards of beauty, efficiency, service and economy of operation with the development of the outstanding ROMAN PUMP. This is one of the most sought after pumps for the Collector.

This pump was found in a barn on the East Coast. It had been stored for many years. When I received it, it was 100% complete including the blue glass cylinder. The only parts that had to be replaced were the gallon markers, inside pipes and globe. There wasn’t any rust which is very unusual. Today this pump is called the “ROLLS ROYCE” OF GAS PUMPS.

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