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Original Muscle Master Rocket Grip Conditioner


Muscle Master Rocket Grip Conditioner.  Lights up as seen in the pictures.  Some wear and tear from time.  There is a slight break in the seal on the top of the rocket and you can see in the back were the light seeps through.  Other than that it is in excellent condition and includes a key for the coin drawer.

Price: $2450.00

Hand Dryer on Stand


Hand Dryer nicely placed on a stand with a sign.

Price: $1050.00

1950’s Drive-In Speakers


These old speakers were taken apart, polished, put back together and put on a powder coated stand. These would look great in a gameroom or garage

1940’s Sparklett Water Cooler


This cooler has been restored in Bastanchury Water Co. It comes with original glass Bastanchury Water Bottle ( Fullerton, CA).

1920’s Koch Mdl. 2 Barber Pole


This Barber Pole
and been meticulously restored back to original,
including the PAPER Wheel.

1890’s Staats Money Changer


This changer is beautifully restored and fully functional.

1873 Enterprise Coffee Grinder No. 7


These grinders were used in General Stores. This grinder has the original handles and drawer. It has been beautifully restored down to the decals that were like the original ones.

1950’s Coke Clock

1950's Coke Clock

This sign lights up and the clock works great. There is a small chip on the inside glass of the clock between the 6 and 9.