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1920’s Hercules Barber Chair

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This chair was built by Berninghaus.  The chair has been completely restored.  We starting out by disassembling the hole chair.  From there we send it out to be sandblasted and then it is primered with an automotive primer, sanded to a fine finish and then it goes into the paint room to be painted with a high grade automotive paint (we painted this one in a soft white, not like the hospital white that comes on it).  While that is being done, the rest of the chair is having new leather put on exactly as it was when it was new and we send all the plating out to have it nickel plated.  Now it is time to assemble it and check the hydraulics to make sure  they work as they should.  So when it is completed the brake works, it reclines, pumps up and goes down smoothly.  All the work is done in house so when you receive the chair it will be exactly as you hoped it would be.

Price: $4950.00

1940’s Koken Barber Chair

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This chair has been completely taken apart.  We first started on the hydraulics and took out all of the old fluid.  We made sure all of the parts are there and in working order.  The chrome was sent out and the upholstery was done in a high grade black leather.  The base was sandblasted and painted with a high quality automobile paint.  The last thing we do is assemble the chair and check everything to make sure all is working  smoothly.  Before we ship it we check everything again so when you get your chair it will be exactly what you expected.

Price: $5475.00

1920 Koken Barber Chair

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This chair came out of a 40 year collection, this is not a plain chair. It is one of the most ornate I have ever seen for being Porcelain. I don’t find chairs in this condition any more. It was been well taken care of through the years. This chair was completely taken apart as we do all of our chairs. It was sent to my chrome shop to get nickel plated, and to the upholstery shop to get it recovered in a high grade leather. It was completely assembled and making sure the pump, brake, and the recliner is in great working order. The porcelain on this chair is cream in color and in perfect condition (it still has a shine).

Price: $6450.00

Antique Cast Iron Barber Pole

Early 1920’s Theo A. Koch

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Early 1920’s Theo A Koch Antique Cast Iron Barber Pole
Fully restored
completely rewired.
original type paper liner on inside
works great.
does not come with stand in picture
measurements 47″x11″x14″
weight is 75 lbs


Marvy Barber Pole

Fully Restored

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Fully restored Marvy Barber Pole
completely rewired
works great
great color


1920s Koken Barber Chair Very Ornate

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Completely restored with leather upholstery and nickel  plating.
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Early 1900s Barber Chair by Kochs

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Just barber chair has been completely restored with leather upholstery and nickel plating.
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1920’s Emil  J. Paidar Barber Chair

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This Barber chair was manufactured in Chicago, Illinois. It is restored in an off white, with tan leather, and nickel plating.

1900’s Koken Barber Shop

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This Back Bar is complete with original marble and 3 Koken barber chairs that are covered in burgandy leather. The backbar is stamped KOKEN on the back. It measures 15′ 6″ x 7′ 6″. It is very unusual to find a complete set like this.

1930’s Theo A. Koch Barber Chair

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This Barber Chair was manufactured in Chicago, Illinois. It is restored in burgandy leather, with button tuff, and is done in Brass plating.